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The Mysterious Phenomenon

By Aug 9, 2014No Comments

Assalam o Alaikum Brothers, Sisters, Friends and Everybody who’s reading this. What I’m writing here might be something which I will be writing in the most motivated mood I have ever been in.

The life I have spent which is not too much when it comes to age is, in my opinion, a wasted one till now and I’m serious about this even though I have been able to achieve a lot of things throughout the entire course of my life but those achievements were mere materialistic. What I have been deprived of achieving is the spiritual existence, the ultimate goal of human kinds’ creation, the highest and the most important of all achievements and I find myself not alone in this wilderness of confusion and illusion.

I suppose this is the right time and nevertheless the best time for me to realise rising up from the dark grave which I have dug for myself and have been sleeping in for all my life. In spite of achieving so much in my life, I have never been satisfied with what I’ve done. All I’ve done was to be self centred and greedy and I don’t see any shame in uncovering this fact in public. I’ve been so sinister at times that if you know about them you would gladly want to help the world get rid of me or at least abandon any relation with me but in fact if you ask most of my friends and those who know me well, they will probably tell you how good I am.

Well isn’t that hypocrisy then? It surely is and that is what I don’t want to be because in my opinion it’s better to be known with a single face good or bad than having two faces to shuffle at different points. Yet I can see that there is always a way to recover and climb back up to the light, I can see that there is a ray of a guiding light that tells me to follow it. And for your knowledge I’ve not been compelled to write this article after watching a very motivational speech or movie, though I really recommend you to watch ” The Last Samurai”, neither am I writing this article without any motive so be sure about it’s originality. And so I want to assure the reader ” Hey, you can be as bad and sinister as one can be but be sure that if I haven’t committed more sins than you then without any doubt I haven’t committed less sins than you and I promise you that.” But what will make you and me different? The answer is not the amount of sins or good deeds we have done but It’s the journey towards realisation, the journey to know what your real purpose is and that are you or are you not wasting your life?

I have decided to opt for the journey and you can be my companion in it and it is not necessary for us to start together but we surely can meet at a certain point in our journey.

I was bad, evil, sinister, forgetful, ignorant and Unthankful  but still you see I can decide for my self and my future. Anyone can do it and that includes YOU too. It’s never too late, learn from the past and do the best for yourself.

It is hard but it is POSSIBLE!! Everything lies in your hands.



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