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Work for a Better Tomorrow

By Apr 19, 2014March 13th, 2019No Comments

When you wish for something and it turns out to happen the opposite way, when you expect so much and what you see is utter disappointment and hopelessness. You want to see your people flourish in education, in academics, in religious studies, in knowledge necessary to deal with the increasing challenges put forward by this cruel world, but what happens to come in front of your sight is total ignorance of people, male or female. You want the people to be aware of the facts, of the conspiracies and of the plots against them but you again see them drowned in worldly pleasures, lust and time-killing useless activities, which gives you tremendous pain.

I am a person under the same stress. I have faced this grim reality and it still continues till this moment that I am writing this article. So it’s time for me to tell you where I belong to. ” I am a young teenager aged 18. I live in Quetta’s Alamdar road, an area where most of the Afghan Shia-Hazara’s reside and live. Not to mention I am a Shia-Hazara too.

So let me continue writing about my concerns about this community which has gone into a long lasting hibernation just like a bear in winters. Talking about the attempts to disturb this “Bear” and ruin it’s sleep, I should say there were countless of them. This nation has been sleeping since the 90’s. In late 90’s started the disturbances and it still continues till this day. It has been attacked morally, psychologically, physically, mentally, economically and socially. But this “Bear” is proving to be a stubborn one. It is not choosing to wake up and kick those who are disturbing it’s sleep, instead it’s waiting for someone else to come and help it get rid of the disturbance which I guarantee is not going to happen in even 5 centuries.

Well I should admit the fact that all of this is not the fault of this nation. Because this nation has been misled in many many occasions. It has faced a lot of crisis in nearly every sector of life. It has unfortunately accepted many “ignorant” persons as their spiritual, religious, political and social leader. Who have altogether helped to dismember this nation to the maximum extent. These so called leaders have uttered words at a time and place when and where they shouldn’t have uttered them. These leaders have blindly taken steps when they should have opened their eyes widely and should have analysed the situation. These leaders have acted cowardly and have waited for too long, accepted the rampage going against this nation for 15 years and have named it patience. Let me tell you what this really is. This is Cowardice, this is acting like a scared rat, this is accepting that we are a weak nation whom anyone can come and slap right in the face and easily deal with it. No one in his life could have imagined anything negative about a Hazara woman, not to mention now sadly some of our women act as prostitutes in this whole city. 40 years ago and before that no one dared to stare a Hazara in the eyes and look at what’s happening today. 2 gunmen come, shoot a Hazara and run away, is doing nothing about this named patience? No it’s called being scared.

How long are you going to act so careless about the situation? How long are you going to detach yourselves from the current scenario? What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for your turn or any of your family member in order to start pondering about the situation? Then it would be too late my dear nation.

It’s time to get rid of the fake leaders. The puppets. The evil-wishers of this Pure Nation. You are a leader yourself and you don’t need an ignorant  puppet as your leader. Take charge of your daily lives. Don’t let someone take you to your doom. Don’t be fooled by these shameless and worthless so called leaders. It’s time to get rid of the fake one’s. Don’t just think or talk about it. Go forward and do it.



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