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FYI, Pentagon…

By Mar 16, 2014March 18th, 2014No Comments

Just to let you know, #Pentagon, before you embarrass yourself with a false news again. There has been a plane sitting at Liaqat Park Quetta (Pakistan) for years.
The plane, in the park, doesn’t fly. It has been kept there as a model. Magical shows are conducted inside it, for kids. In short it is a source of entertainment for the people who come and visit the park.
So, I suggest that before you fire a news, it’s nice to confirm it. It saves you the embarrassment. And being a resident of Quetta city, I thought I should inform you, about the plane at the park. That’s the most it could do to help in finding #Flight370, save you a some time and embarrassment.

A Pakistani



Muhammad Emmad

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