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Quetta Dipped Under -12 C Temp

By Dec 28, 2013January 13th, 2014No Comments

Do you have freezers in your home?
Do you use them a lot?
Well everyone in Quetta won’t be using them for at least 2 more months. It’s far below minus in Quetta these days
You can probably freeze your face up into a copsicle if you wash it and don’t dry it up….
Well all those who haven’t bought those prehistoric wooden fileplaces at your place, you need one Pranto!
With gas shortage in Quetta, coal or wood stoves seem the best option right now.
Sunday will have the lowest of its temperatures then ever at – 12 deg Celsius.
Well happy seasons everyone 😉

The Locals in the Area leave taps in their Homes open at Night to avoid Pipes from bursting in zero temperature

Water freezes over the tap. (Photo Courtesy Hashim Mughul @cute_hashir)



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