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Quetta Hana Lake Frozen up

By Dec 30, 2013January 13th, 2014No Comments

So as in the Previous post we talked about Quetta freezing up in the lowest temperatures for the City in the past 46 years and it seems the numbers are even more dwindling now.
With no or Low Gas supplies for the citizens, the people aren’t the only ones freezing up now.
Maybe people can start ice skating now Winking smile


There are more where these come from Winking smile with temperatures spiking upto –17 this week on an all time low, everything that has been opened up to the air has Frozen up in these crystalline forms




Meanwhile the Neighbouring Ziarat is dipped in Snow.

Lets hope things breeze back to Normal Soon. But the Weather forecast says we might have to live this on for a while now.

Till it does, People without Gas are enjoying the gold cold in the open with man made fires.


Enjoy Quetta!



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