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A Young Orphan Girl’s Inspiration Story

By Jan 7, 2014January 15th, 2014No Comments

This is the story of a young girl belonging to the ethnic Hazara minority of Balochistan who is as normal as any other teenager can be.
But what’s special about her is that when life gave her a budge to through her down, she did what most men don’t do or aren’t able to. She stood up and fought.

For her identity to be hidden lets call her Bahara. Bahara is a young girl just like any other, but she lost her teenage life to maturity when her father passed away, with no one to provide for the family in a city like Quetta, where women generally don’t pass through the bounds of tribal laws its hard for them to generate income for their families.

Bahara was actually studying in school when her father passed away and her mother couldn’t afford her educational expenses anymore. With times tough she started making handmade Porcelain Jewelry & decoration Pieces. But This was not the last of it, she slowly also started making handmade purses for women who adore fashion. Painting became more then a habit and tofelling with new cooking recipes became wondrous to her.

She finally completed her Schooling with good Grades and is now a hard-working provider for her family and an inspiration to many in a place where women’s rights aren’t always met.
We salute her and people like her.
To see more Pictures of porcelain works, like the page in the link down below.



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