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Victims-An unorthodox Release (Documentary Film)

By Jul 8, 2014March 13th, 2019No Comments

You might have heard about International Holly or Bollywood films being released in the country from time to time, or about some great Pakistani Films being released along with some Local ones in Quetta. But the event we covered today was different from the old ones before. A Documentary film was set to be released on 4th of June Friday in a College Auditorium. The Video was a success, as per the managing team said;

We Did not think so many people would attend our event, but as they have it just goes to show how determined the people are in trying to finding ways to help those who’ve passed through the genocide. Although the Video was meant to be a wakeup call for the people I guess the people had already realized their responsibilities as a nation towards their fellow citizens.

Different people attended the event, along some Government Officials of the community, who not only encouraged the act but MPA also announced a 20 Thousand PKR cheque  to the Team as a Token of Good Will. Everyone encouraged the team as it comprised of mostly young individuals who worked on the video and the release of the Film. A viewer we interviewed said;

I liked how the team of young guys and gals worked together and produced quality work although it needed some work but needless to say age limits and restraints might be the reason behind that. I think it is important to say that for me when I glanced at the hall I could see many people who either themselves were victims or were close family to those who were…. And I’m not saying that only the victims attended the event but that most of the people in our community today are directly or indirectly attached to the line of victims in Quetta.

Almost everyone acknowledged the event and wished for more events like these to be held across Quetta and I do wish as a Fellow viewer for videos like these to be more common amongst the general Population of the City and for it to be not only constraint only amongst one side of the population.   All and all the Video was Great and the event organized by the Message Team deserves appreciation.



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