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Sada e Ramadan Review

By Jun 27, 2014March 13th, 2019No Comments

Ramadan Session can be considered the same to Pakistani Television as is the Fall Session to the American Airtime. Every year Channels fund an enormous amount of money to studios to arrange shows regarding the months which some times they get right and sometimes they get it very wrong. New scandals pop up in Ramadan shows as it’s the highest bidding channel who gets the best morning show anchor.

We’ve seen some pretty hefty stuff on Television in Ramadan, one of the weirdest of which was Veena Malik’s Ramadan Show which never went on air because of the controversy that followed it. But we’ve almost never come across a full fledged show in Quetta regarding the month, but that seems to be changing fast. While the State Channels for Balochistan aren’t aggregated around the area and available to the people who enjoy quality entertainment on cable. Local Bodies are trying to change that by producing new shows, which they’ll air on Local Meida Cells ( Cable Operated Channels).

Mirror is working on a Manqabat and Na’at Competition Show for Ramadan called “Sada-e-Ramadan”. The Project is aimed to bring out the best of voices in the city.


The project has a simplistic theme but with a Compo vibe, It will be aired on Local Cable Channels with around 5 episodes each of which will be judged by the 3 Judges all three of which are both local and National Renowned  Na’t  khwan. The contestants will then be set to the will of the people for a vote, which they’ll do by either by voting through a sms or through the Internet. Overall maternals will depend on both the performance and the Votes of the people. The winner will then be given a contract album by The Mirror Production Team.

Cast & Crew:

The Event will be hosted by Nayab Ali, well known for her work and achievements regarding the Field

Ali Imran Naushad – A Judge for both this and the Samaa Ki Awaz Competition, a Nauha Khwan and Well known for his Voice around the Country both in Naa’t and Nohas.

Syeda Zaidi is well known amongst the people for her beautiful Voice and achievements in Naa’t Khwani. She is Widely Respected and is the only Female Judge for the Show.

Ramazan Ali, is a local Voice with years of experience in Nohas.

For those who wish to watch the Series, it will be aired in Ramadan. The Selection process Video is has been uploaded to the production Team’s Facebook Page “Mirror”



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