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Letter to LEJ by a Young Kafir

By Jan 26, 2014July 6th, 20144 Comments

Assalam-0-alaikum and good morning MUSALMAN. It’s me. Do you recognize me? My name is Kafar. I hope by now you do know who I am. It’s been a while that  i wanted to write to you and share with you what I am feeling right now, and probably give you some advise as well, just in case you’ve become lesser and lesser conscious about me due to army’s recent (Dramatic) tanning of your’s and by dramatic I mean to say FAKE but nevertheless it looked real and therefore i felt compelled to write to you.

Let me give you a recall. You’ve already killed 2000+ members of my family ranging from a 3 year old kid to 60-70 year olds, but I haven’t acted seriously yet and therefore i think you owe me your life for that. I have been patient, I’ve been tolerant. I’ve gulped all my anger. You know why? Because I don’t think you deserve my wrath. You are just too pathetic. You come and kill in the name of Islam. What Islam is this? Is this Islam, which you so heroically represent even a religion? Does Islam tell or show you how to blow yourself up and kill a dozen more along with you as well? Does Islam command you to chop off the heads of un-armed civilians? Does Islam teach you to kill women? Does Islam teach you how to torture a captive? Does Islam teach you how to incite violence? Does Islam teach you how to demolish a Mosque with bombs and rockets? NO you ignorant fool. Islam teaches brotherhood. Islam shows how to help someone who’s in need. Islam shows you how to respect each other. Islam teaches you Manliness. Islam teaches you bravery. Islam teaches you how to treat a woman. Islam teaches you to take care of an orphan if you can, not try to turn an innocent into an orphan by killing his/her parents.

Which God do you worship? Do you even know your God? I know you’ll say Allah but I’m damn sure you don’t know nothing more about Him except how to pronounce His name. You are a shame for Islam, you aren’t serving Islam but rather you are defaming it. You’ve worn the cloak of Islam in-order to hide your hideous deeds beneath. It is due to your Accomplishments that today Muslims themselves are turning away from this religion instead of being attracted towards it. People no longer know Islam as a religion of peace and harmony, they know Islam now as the religion of terror. Whenever there is any terrorist act the word Islam/Islamic and Islamist is attached to it too. The Prophet (P.B.U.H) didn’t initiate this wave to see how you and your dumb fellows come screw it so easily.

I’m a young boy who has already lost a brother in this battle but I don’t have any regrets now. And if you don’t feel any threats and if your conscience is dead I would like to remind you what Allah does to the mischief maker. You still have time to repent, do it now, who knows how merciful God and infidels (kuffar) can be. Me, my neighbours, my locality, my people may not be able to defend themselves when men, sorry animals like you act and fight a cowardly fight from the back. But our tongue is sharper than  the sharpest of  swords you will ever find and cutting off your generation through speech and only speech is not a big deal for youngsters of my age.

Do think about what I said and the next time you go reciting the Quran make sure you read the translation, I know you need to know what really is written in that Book.!

کا فر




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