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Bloodshed Continues…

By Jun 8, 2014June 20th, 2014No Comments

It hasn’t been many days since the release of leader of Lashker-e-Jhangavi (LeJ), a banned terrorist outfit in Pakistan, by Pakistan’s unjust judiciary. Hardly a fortnight. Yet, the reaction has already happened. Once again the innocents has been targeted. This time, the pilgrims has been attacked by grenade bombs and heavy firings at Hashmi Hotel, Taftan, a town near Iranian border. The pilgrims stay/rest at this hotel before departing for Iran or home. Once again the same people have been targeted by the same culprits.
And an event like this was expected. The silence and peace was partial. It is a treat from Pakistan’s unjust judiciary, who let culprits like Malick Ishaq go free, to the innocent citizens. This is what has been happening for decades.
Innocent people die, Govt/Judiciary lets the culprits go free. and eventually more innocent people die.



Muhammad Emmad

I believe in humanity above all and strive for Peaceful earth." Other than that | A Muslim | Patriot Pakistani | Hazara | Single Faced | Straight Forward | Honest yet Sarcastic | Jolly | Crazy at sometimes ;) | Pre- Engg Student | Active Volunteer | Blogger | Teacher/Mentor | KL-YES Alumnus | Member at PUAN

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