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Top 5 Free Android apps of 2014

By Dec 26, 2013January 11th, 2014No Comments

With 2013 Officially Over, Have you still been wondering what to do with that High performance Phone you haven’t utilized YET?

Well to make it simple I Have this Years Best Roundup of Android Apps.

USER Category for these Apps is “ENTERTAINER

(Apps Best Suited for those who want to utilize Entertainment with Power Juice)


So As many of us know, smart gadgets are taking up a lot of space in our needy & daily lives, we have smart Phones, Tablets, Smart TVS and even Smart Watches Now.

With the cost effective Android OS everyone can now do pretty much anything on their Smart Devices. With maximum performance, smartphones with Android OS allows users to install a Variety of Apps.But which App To use….

So I’ve been fondling up with android for quite some time now & people ask me about certain stuff about Android & upon many requests, I’ve decided to make this Quick Review of TOP 5 Apps for your Android Devices.

So here we Go….

At Number 5. we Have GOOGLE KEEP

Google keep is the new Google App for taking simple notes, like the Evernote app, or Samsung’s task app.
But what’s best about is that it comes already packed in new devices, with a clean UI that’s simple to use and can be synced with your Google id so you don’t need to make any new Id’s and have to go through the hassle of remembering it everytime you sync a new Device.
You can save notes, or things to do, make check lists and it will automatically be synced to all your devices…Including your Google Chrome on PC…. NO INSTALLATION NEEDED except simple Chrome extension
A Pretty Neat App. (Click Picture to Go to Install page)


At Number 4. We have The CLEAN MASTER!

So as many of smart phone users already know that an OS like Android or windows gets sluggish and slow with use over time… To get it set up fast again. you need to reinstall the complete software with the exception of all your data.But there’s another way to keep your data And your phone smooth. Clean master is the Thing for you!

It’s beautiful UI allows you to clean all the Cache off your Mobile Device . It’s easy to use and has a Widget to free up your ram of apps that you aren’t using at the moment but are still Running.with one click your Mobile will feel a little bit better.

But it’s not Powerpuff Magic worker, to get fully automated with good speed android you need to update your device to Android 4.3 Jellybean which has a better data allocation service, stopping your device from becoming slow over time.

AT NUMBER 3. we have a Magical entertainment APP

You know how you have a certain video or photos on your Computer & when you need to view them on your mobile phones or Tablet, which have those gorgeous 1080 pixel Screens, you have to go through the lengthy process of copy pasting each and everything over to your device by connecting it to your computer via USB.
This saves you the hassle, you need to install a windows software of “Plex and another one to your Mobile.
With easy setup you can now view all your videos and photos on your pc to be seen on your mobile device or Tablet for watching ….
Which can always be very fun if you have a 1080p Tablet screen….
But That’s not the Best Part, For those of you Cheeky users who like to torrent download movies or Series, when linked with Plex folder, it automatically downloads the poster for the Movie, It’s Details Complete history & presents it to you to watch. Neat Na Winking smile

Remember to do all this you need to be connected to the same WIFI…. to access these things.
The only bad thing is that Plex is a paid app, so for all those out there, who like content free on the web you can Download the free app here,

 Just download the file, move it to your phone and Install…
BAM your done. 😀

The Top 2 is my most Favorite App of All time & I love it.

its another remote service for your android. you can download “Splashtop Personal” on your computer and on your Android allowing you to use your computer with the touch screen of your Phone.
For all those out there who Have a windows 8 Platform installed on your Computer without the touchscreen capabilities,
It’s the best app out there for remote service of your computer ……
You can now use windows 8 on your Mobile 😀
Note: Very Important to Download only Splashtop 2 Personal for android Free from the Market, & Splashtop Personal for PC, other remote servers have other features with paying.
Splashtop Remote streaming is Free, but only when you’re on the same wifi Network.

So We’ve talked about most apps by now! But the most useable app i’ve found & is the internet is the TOP 1 App in my list which crosses all A’s in my book.

At number 1 we have Airdroid.
unnamed (1)

This is my Most Favorite App, Airdroid is your app for doing everything you do on your cell phone but want to do on your pc.
you can connect your mobile with your pc & you can read & send all your messages through your computer, you can pick up calls, send files from the computer to your phone select ringtones for your phone and alot more…. and Guess what? You Don’t need a Cable, Only the same Wifi Network
You can use the camera on your phone and watch live feeds from your laptop, or best of all you can see live video stream of your mobile screen.
The Best App Ever, Click here to Download.
the app has so much potential that I’ll surely be making another post about it soon.

So That’s it guys….These were my TOP 5 app reviews for your Android Devices….
If you have any questions you want to ask then feel free to ask me on my twitter @saqlainrizwi….
or to send me an instant text on my phone, you can add another cool android app called google hangouts, just add my email in [email protected] & you’ll be talking to me in no time….

Thanks for watching and Please do SHARE the Video if you like it, leave your comments below on what you want me to review for you next….
This is Saqlain Haider, Signing off…..

Give me some TEA 😀



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