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Recipe for Halwa e Samanak

By Dec 27, 2013March 13th, 2019One Comment

Halwa e Samanak! (A Regional Sweet Dish From Afghanistan & West Pakistan) Halwa e Samanak, Closely Sohn Halwa of Pakistan, is widely popular amongst the Hazara People, who make this dish on special occasions which is quite hard to make, given that there are no Recipes for it on the Internet. Samanak is Only once or Twice made in an Year, thus is a very special Cultural Dish To make Samanak You need:

  1. Flour 1Kg
  2. Sugar 400 gram
  3. Samanak (grain dipped in water for some days till it releases it’s strains, then it’s dried and grinded) 1/2 kg
  4. Oil 1 Lit
  5. Yogurt 400 gram

Samanak in Prude, needs to be Powdered up before it can be added in. 1505661_772772346071137_2071464555_n Procedure:


Step 1:Heat the oil to a medium temperature.

IMG_0279 Step 2: Add some flour to it about 400 grams first and cook until it turns red and gives a certain  aroma.


Step 3: Add 5 liters of water and also the remaining  flour constantly, making sure it doesn’t leave any lumps


Step 4: After adding the flour add the Samanak slowly, again making sure no lumps are produced.


Step 5: When the water starts to dry up add the sugar in.


Step 6: Keeping in mind to keep stirring the Halwa until all the water in it is dried up and it’s color becomes red. Then add 400 grams of yogurt, stir until water dries up.

1524803_772771966071175_876583928_nYour Samanak is Ready.



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